Again and Again (2021)
for solo prepared (or unprepared) piano, 2′
(same preparations as John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes)
commissioned by Shi-An Costello for [alloy]

Looking Up (2021)
for solo clarinet, 1.5′
dedicated to Andy Hudson
commissioned by Latitude 49 for the Bagatelles Project

America the Beautiful: “Echo Chamber” (2020)
for solo piano, 2′
commissioned by Min Kwon for the America/Beautiful Variations Project

Mist Fantasy (2020)
for solo oboe, 4′
commissioned by Chip Hamann

Well-Groomed (2019) now available!
for solo snare drum, 7.5′
commissioned by Tom Sherwood, Marc Damoulakis, and Charles Settle for the Modern Snare Drum Competition

Apparition (2017)
for solo clarinet, 6′
commissioned by Gregory Oakes

for solo guitar, 10′
commissioned by Krystin O’Mara
winner of the 2014 Boston GuitarFest Composition Competition

Veil (2011)
for solo piano, 8′

Naica (2011)
for alto saxophone and live delay processing, 8′

Zanelle (2009)
for solo B-flat clarinet, 8′

Six Canadian Scenes (2009)
for solo oboe, 10′