composed in 2011
for alto saxophone and live delay processing (with Max MSP)
      *bass clarinet version also available
duration: 8′

Program Notes

The crystal caves of Naica provided amazing visual inspiration for my first venture into composing music with live interactive electronics. A simple gate-in and gate-out object in Max MSP creates a delay that initiates an unchanging tempo for the duration of the piece. Therefore, harmonies must shift using common tones and are always built upon the notes preceding them.

Performance History

Premiere: May 10, 2011. Cohen-Davison Theatre, Peabody Conservatory
Mason Lubert, saxophone
June 8, 2011. Cine Theatre; Athens, GA
Hart Linker, saxophone
September 24, 2011. Classical Revolution Atlanta Concert Series
Hart Linker, saxophone
January 20, 2012. George Mason University Center for the Arts; Fairfax, VA
Alex Sellers, saxophone
US Navy Band International Saxophone Symposium
January 3, 2011. Mount Vernon Music Space, Baltimore, MD
Hart Linker, saxophone
Minimalism and the Saxophone EP Release Concert