for two oboes and English horn
duration: 12′
winner of the Trio La Milpa Composition Competition
winner of a 2013 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Award

Program Notes

The four distinct movements of this suite strive to showcase the beauty and versatility of the oboe and English horn. Suite was composed for and premiered by Trio La Milpa in Columbia, Maryland on May 16th, 2010. Thank you so much to Katherine Needleman, Sandra Gerster, and Michael Lisicky for creating this amazing opportunity and experience.


Performance History

Premiere: May 16, 2010. Christ Episcopal Church; Columbia, MD
Trio La Milpa
Katherine Needleman, oboe (Principal, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra), Sandra Gerster, oboe, Michael Lisicky, English horn (Baltimore Symphony Orchestra)
March 31, 2011. Griswold Hall, Peabody Conservatory
Ryan Jones and Elizabeth Honeyman, oboes; Victoria Ritter, English horn
May 16, 2011. BSO members at Johns Hopkins Montgomery Campus
Trio La Milpa
June 4, 2011. International Double Reed Society Conference; Phoenix, AZ
Trio La Milpa
April 26, 2013. Salon Solstice Concert Series; Seattle, WA
DAS Oboe
Ursula Sahagian, oboe; Chris Aagaard, oboe; Jordan Dusek, English Horn
June 29, 2013. Classical Revolution Seattle; Seattle, WA
DAS Oboe
September 18, 2013. Seattle Symphony’s Day of Music; Seattle, WA
DAS Oboe
October 28, 2013. Kent Lutheran Church; Seattle, WA
DAS Oboe