Shared Spaces

Duration: 6.5′
For Wind Ensemble (Grade 4.5)
Commissioned by the The College of New Jersey Wind Ensemble, Dr. Eric Laprade, Conductor.

  • 2 Flutes, 2 Oboes, 2 Bassoons, 4 Bb Clarinets, Bass Clarinet, 2 Alto Saxophones, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
  • 4 Bb Trumpets, 2 F Horns (doubling recommended), 3 Trombones, Euphonium, Tuba
  • 5 Percussion:
    • Timpani
    • Vibraphone 1 (bowed), Tam-Tam
    • Vibraphone 2 (bowed), Suspended Cymbal
    • Triangle, Crash Cymbals
    • Bass Drum
Program Notes

Shared Spaces was commissioned by Dr. Eric Laprade and Dr. Colleen Sears for the Wind Ensemble of The College of New Jersey for The Artivism Project: Life After Loss. My goal in writing this piece was to convey some part of my own experience with loss in such a way that might resonate with others. As perhaps an antidote to the loneliness that accompanies loss, the piece insists on its performers coming together. The performers are asked to crossfade on almost every note, essentially handing off their sounds to each another in brief shared moments. These notes coalesce in simple, overlapping harmonies, creating further shared spaces within a piece that I humbly offer as a sanctuary for collective healing.

Perusal Score – Performance materials can be purchased in the store.

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