for solo piano
duration: 8′

Program Notes
Veil is obsessed with translucence, restraint, and subtlety. A simple G-sharp anchor, consisting of two (and sometimes four) sixteenth notes followed by a varying number of eighth notes, flows perpetually through the entire piece. Two opposing rhythmic cells made up of notes dampened inside the piano lightly “fill in” the empty space between these eighth notes. Though these cells are rhythmically and harmonically disparate, common tones unite them as they fluctuate back and forth over the main G-sharp anchor. In addition, subtle embellishments and harmonic changes constantly adjust how this unchanging anchor is metrically perceived. As the piece progresses, the dampened notes are finally lifted and the entire piano is essentially “unveiled.”
Veil was commissioned by Julia Sheriff for the PROJECTionPLAY Tour

Premiere: April 6, 2013. San Francisco Community Music Center
Julia Sheriff, piano